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Oh Sugar! Promotional Sweets and Treats!

We at Oh, Sugar! have been making people smile since 2003 with our amazingly addictive Nam's Bits® chocolate chip cookies. Ask anyone who has tried them and they'll confirm, you can't eat just one! The reason is simple. All the ingredients in our cookies can be found in your own pantry or refrigerator: Real butter, real sugar, hand cracked eggs and none of the evil stuff like high fructose corn syrup or trans fats. That's why they taste so delicious! It's as if your own grandmother baked them herself.

As the years have progressed, we've added yummy new flavors like Brownie Crisps, Confetti Cupcake along with several candies and snack treats with only one requirement. They have to taste so great that you can’t eat just one!

Now you can share the impact these delicious treats convey to your customers and clients with your own logo and custom message. Whether as a lead generator for your salespeople, a tradeshow giveaway, a corporate holiday gift or just to let them know you are thankful for their business, Oh, Sugar! promotional sweets and treats are the perfect items to keep your customers coming back for more!